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Largest places in Cyprus

The largest cities and places in Cyprus at a glance on one page. Have a closer look at the largest places in Cyprus.

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Largest places in Cyprus
Nicosia Nicosia1.Lefkosia Lefkosia200,452
Limassol Limassol2.Limassol Limassol154,000
Larnaca Larnaca3.Larnaka Larnaka72,000
Famagusta Famagusta4.Ammochostos Ammochostos42,526
Paphos Paphos5.Pafos Pafos35,961
Kyrenia Kyrenia6.Keryneia Keryneia26,701
Protaras Protaras7.Ammochostos Ammochostos20,230
Pergamos Pérgamos8.Larnaka Larnaka15,000
Morfou Mórfou9.Lefkosia Lefkosia14,833
Aradippou Aradíppou10.Larnaka Larnaka13,349
Paralimni Paralímni11.Ammochostos Ammochostos11,836
Lefka Léfka12.Lefkosia Lefkosia7,835
Geri Géri13.Lefkosia Lefkosia7,639
Ypsonas Ýpsonas14.Limassol Limassol7,348
Dali Dáli15.Lefkosia Lefkosia6,085
Tseri Tséri16.Lefkosia Lefkosia5,498
Livadia Livádia17.Larnaka Larnaka5,329
Dhromolaxia Dhromolaxia18.Larnaka Larnaka5,240
Rizokarpaso Rizokárpaso19.Ammochostos Ammochostos5,215
Lapithos Lápithos20.Keryneia Keryneia5,215
Deryneia Derýneia21.Ammochostos Ammochostos5,161
Empa Émpa22.Pafos Pafos4,519
Trikomo Tríkomo23.Ammochostos Ammochostos4,490
Athienou Athíenou24.Larnaka Larnaka4,444
Sotira Sotíra25.Limassol Limassol4,444
Avgorou Avgórou26.Ammochostos Ammochostos4,177
Liopetri Liopétri27.Ammochostos Ammochostos4,005
Kolossi Kolossi28.Larnaka Larnaka3,846
Pano Polemidia Páno Polemídia29.Limassol Limassol3,781
Chlorakas Chlórakas30.Pafos Pafos3,619
Xylotymbou Xylotymbou31.Larnaka Larnaka3,593
Frenaros Frénaros32.Ammochostos Ammochostos3,450
Voroklini Voróklini33.Larnaka Larnaka3,446
Kiti Kíti34.Larnaka Larnaka3,278
Kokkinotrimithia Kokkinotrimithiá35.Lefkosia Lefkosia3,223
Lefkonoiko Lefkónoiko36.Ammochostos Ammochostos3,187
Mouttagiaka Mouttagiáka37.Limassol Limassol2,818
Ayia Napa Ayia Napa38.Ammochostos Ammochostos2,798
Akaki Akáki39.Lefkosia Lefkosia2,769
Lythrodontas Lythrodóntas40.Lefkosia Lefkosia2,736
Astromeritis Astromerítis41.Lefkosia Lefkosia2,463
Pegeia Pégeia42.Pafos Pafos2,462
Lympia Lýmpia43.Lefkosia Lefkosia2,262
Agios Tychon Ágios Týchon44.Larnaka Larnaka2,204
Peristerona Peristeróna45.Lefkosia Lefkosia2,190
Achna Áchna46.Ammochostos Ammochostos2,043
Pano Deftera Páno Defterá47.Lefkosia Lefkosia1,983
Polis Pólis48.Pafos Pafos1,975
Kornos Kórnos49.Larnaka Larnaka1,943
Perivolia Perivólia50.Larnaka Larnaka1,876

1 - 50 of 235 places
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